About us

KAIBO ELECTRONIC CO., LIMITED is an innovative high-tech company providing Flash storage and thermal printer products and solutions to enterprise, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and defense industries as well as to the consumer market.

We providing for designs, manufactures, supplies, installs and services industrial computer storage drive and POS printer.

We specialise in the manufacture of industrial solid stoarge drive and thermal receipt printer for use in large and small supermarkets, retail outlets, factory, casino, house of games, industrial park, Embedded video metting system… and so on.

Especially for the environment temperature and durability requirements of the equipment: Outdoor computer, ruggedized computer, Armarium, Satellite receiving system… and so on. 

While we have a range of standard products one of our strengths is the ability to customise existing products and to design from scratch to meet specific customer requirements and avoid the need to compromise on performance.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the KAIBO’s website and find it an interesting and valuable resource!

Company culture

1. Corporate mission: Cultivating the earth and harvesting dreams

2. Corporate Vision: Excellent Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing Service Provider

3. Core values: produce the first product, educate the first talent, and create the first performance

Fourth, the purpose of the enterprise: add value for customers and grow together with employees

Five, corporate motto: survival, do not forget quality, development must innovate

Sixth, fighting spirit: dare to fight, dare to grab, dare to take responsibility

7. Talent concept: give opportunities to those who want to do it, give the stage to those who can do it, and inspire those who can do it

8. Quality concept: zero defect in quality, internationalization of standards

9. service concept: to be a caring person for users