L60CE Thermal Label Printer

Thermal Label Printer.
Patented waterproof, insect proof design, easy maintenance design concept.
Support various specifications of self-adhesive/label printing, can be plugged up, can be embedded in the match.
Compatible with more than 3 different label core specifications, it is the standard first choice for AI smart scales.
Application: Smart retail, price tags and various labels.

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L60CE Thermal Label Printer | sticker printer


Product model L60CE
print Printing method Thermal
resolution 203DPI (8 dots/mm)
Valid print width                 56mm
Print length                 20mm-60mm
Print speed                 150mm/s(Max)
Print fonts Chinese: GB18030 24*24 points
English: ASCII 12*24 points
detect sensor Paper shortage detection, paper outlet detection, sewing mark detection, lid opening detection
medium Paper type Continuous paper, label stock
Paper roll width                 30mm-60mm
Paper thickness                 0.058-0.20mm
Maximum roll outer diameter                 95mm
Paper shaft inner diameter                 12mm/25mm/40mm
Paper thickness
Communication interface USB, RS232C serial port
Power output                 DC12V/24V,2A
keystroke FEED key
Light Power LED, error LED
Audible prompts Buzzer (reserved)
Instruction set                 TSC/ESC
compatibility Supported platforms                 Windows,Linux,Android
Barcodes One-dimensional                 UPC-A/UPC-E/EAN13(JAN13)/
two-dimensional                 QR Code,PDF417
Environmental requirements Job 0~50°C, 20%~85% (no fog)
storage -20~70°C, 5%~95% (no fog)
Physical characteristics Dimensions (L*W*H)                 246.6*113.8*104.5mm
weight Approximately 1400 g

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This tag thermal printer be made in China factory.


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