JP76 : 76mm dot matrix Printer for KIOSK

76mm dot matrix Printer for KIOSK.
Versatile and adaptable.
Easy to use and simple to maintain.
Complete compatibility with EPSON.

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ICOD JP76 : 76mm KIOSK printer

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printing method Nine-needle bidirectional printing
printing speed Western 4.1LPS; Chinese characters: 2.1LPS
Paper width 75.5±0.5mm
Single layer paper 0.06-0.085mm
Interface Type Serial / USB
ribbon IP-31RB (two-color ribbon)
Reliability printing Print in English: 10 million lines (MCBF)
Print font Western: 5 X 7 , 7 x 7; Chinese characters 16 X 16
Number of print columns 35 (5 X 7), 42 (7 X 7)
Font size 13.3 CPI, 16.0 CPI
Print characters ASCII/GB2312 Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Multinational Character Set (more than 20,000 Chinese characters)
power supply DC24V/2A
Operating temperature 5-55 ° C
Print order Compatible with ESC/POS commands
Dimensions 149 X 227 X 174mm (width * depth * height)


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Financial printer.


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