DP512AS : 76mm dot matrix Printer for KIOSK

kaibo icod kiosk thermal printer DP512AS

DP512AS : 76mm KIOSK printer
Embedded Financial printer printer type.


Item Description

DP512AS : 76mm dot matrix Printer for KIOSK

Printing method Nine-pin bi-directional optional Epson M-U110, Star MP512, Citizen DP330, STAR 512FC and other heads,
printing speed 4.4 lines/second
Paper width 58-76mm wide ordinary roll paper
Interface Type Serial port, parallel port, USB port (optional)
Paper cutting method Half cut or full cut
printing method Nine-needle bidirectional printing
printing speed 42CPL 4.4L/s (Max)
Paper width 76.5±0.5mm
Interface Type Serial port
Paper cutting method Full cut, with paper feeder
Black mark detection stand by
ribbon Compatible with RC200
Reliability printing 9 million lines (MCBF)
Cutter life 1 million times
Print characters ASCII/GB2312 Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Multinational Character Set
power supply DC24V/2A

Item Features

Model name DP512AS
Type 9-needle bidirectional printing
Interface USB/Parallel/Serial

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